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maynababy.com愛ゲイリーチュア Today is Monday, May 29, 2017

1st day of school / Smoochiezz #15 flea



I had Health Psychology today which i think is kinda interesting? The best thing is we were released at 11 plus, best first day yet ! Had brunch with the girls @ Civic centre before heading home :D

Wanted to meet my boy but he so kelian one, sick still must work & study later on #AdultLife):

Was doing the usual stuffs online & i saw this below,

Smoochiezz #15 ( 12 booth Space, biggest ever!! )
Location : The Cathay 2 Handy Road Singapore 229233 ( Main Entrance)
Dates and Time :7th Oct: 12pm to 11pm, 8th Oct: 11am to 11pm
3 for $10 clearance item will be available at this flea so do dropby ya ♥ !!

Showroom will be closed on 6th- 9th Oct due to flea event. Sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Wheee, so happy i tell you ! I was intending to purchase some stuffs from Elf official website earlier on but a pity they don't ship to Singapore you see~

Some stuffs that i want to get ^___^

~Elf Studio Blush in Pink Passion~

From the web, but the actual one look different in the pan though

(Credits to http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com)

The colour is so kawaii right ?! It may look overwhelming but as long as you swipe it lightly across your cheeks it can look natural if you want :)


(Credits to http://lacqueredpaintedpolished.blogspot.com)

This blogger have fair skin & the colour just look so gyaru-ish pretty on her :3

Been looking for a true barbie pink blush for one million years already lol, i don't know why most of my other blusher always gave me more of rosy/reddish cheeks as opposed to pink -_-

Initially i was aiming for the NARS desire/cotton candy pink but obviously it will cost a bomb la + not easily available .

Btw this blusher cost $7 & i hope it won't disappoint me again :D

~Elf natural radiance blusher~

If you find the studio line too ex can get this, only $4 yo ! :D If i'm not wrong, some of these are shimmery & i don't do shimmers on my cheek so ya if not i will get this too :B

~Elf Studio Bronzer~

Don't we all want to achieve a smaller face? Contour away ^___^

At $7, this sheer soft powders provide the perfect hue of color. You can blend all 4 colors together to achieve a blend of perfection or choose your favorite color or colors to mix, match and blend.

~Elf Essential Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder~


This is the cheaper alternative at only $4 too !! Once again, these have shimmers & i can only accept shimmers on my eyes >:

~NYX Ultra Pearl Mania~

$5.50, either 02/03 for me for under eye & highlighting purpose :D

They also sell tons of OPI , China Glaze, Essie for the nail polish fanatic . Many other brands like Mac (Cheaper than retail!), Urban Decay, Smashbox, Kiehls etc so go & grab this fri/Sat  ^___^





Remember Nandos the restuarant i was complaining about some posts back?

Finally uploaded the photos from my beloved cam ! Oh i was complaining in tweeter awhile ago that every pictures i took got 2 fugly black straight line extending all the way from one end to another which ruined the picture bigtime so i thought my camera died on me or sth but luckily is just a false alarm, the screen ki siao already but once uploaded to lappy the picture's perfectly fine phew !

Please stay strong till Mama got enough moolahs to replace you with a better cammy alright T_T

Okay to the food, i can't be bothered to remember the name of the dish :/

This is Baby's meal & he kept on complaining because he don't like chicken breast meat :x

Mine is nicer obviously, the chix tastes kinda average but the fries are nice & extra salty!

They serve a quite a big serving of the coleshaw so none of us could finish it :/

This is me acting cute with my leopard prints megane :3 (The phototaking angle made my forehead look longer than usual lol ~.~)

Btw i didn't go out with my fringe up uh, I took this when i got home at the end of the day looking like some siaozharbo with messy hair so clipped up to look a wee bit tidier? I know my babyhairs really need to maintain :@

So thankful that my cousin got me into buying because apparently it's cheaper to get 2 :)

Fyi, Japanese girls wear magane (Bigger frame) because it'll make their face seems smaller #illusion :B

Here's some of my fav with their meganes ! :D

♥ Mizukitty

♥ Wakatsuki Chinatsu

♥ Kumickey

♥ Tsubasa Masuwaka

To be truthful, not many will choose this kind of 'teacher' megane if you'd notice but then again if you're Tsubasa any shapes also look nice on you lol ! The world is unfair fullstop T_T

♥ Nana Suzuki (Many pictures ahead because i adore her :D)

Been trying to acomplish this hairdo for i dk how long already, i think only shorter hair people can tie this kind of ponytail loh. Mine is like too heavy then it kept drooping down don't like la D;

I hearts this W♥C sweater that Nana is wearing, so cute !! ^___^

SEE I swear my face look smaller by at least 10% with the megane on ! )': I love to smile like this but it always never fail to make my face expand ttm lol -_-

Kay time to orhorh ~ Goodnight y'all ^_______^

♥ Credits goes to rightful owner ♥

P.s: Imma going to wear my bugis street buys tomorrow with my tw stockings & chio-est max leopard prints boots, sexcited hor! ♥ ♥ ♥


Certified 'Nua' worm


Yeah that's me.

This holiday i'd been rotting my butt away at home most of the time. My boy is soo ocupied with his job & studies which is why i hardly meet him ):

Sometimes i online shop to pass time which is becoming lesser because i don't have the means to do so aka serverly lack of $$$ . Totally no motivation to find a job at all, please let me graduate asap so i have more choices & not limited to shitty job with shitty pay. One typical example of shitty jobs = Waitress. No offense but i just hate being a waitress.

So what'd i been doing at home? Dramas after dramas after dramas !

# I'm a certified nua worm with no life

Currently: The Vampire Diaries

Hot girls? check !

(I love Elena Gilbert ! She can be both angelic in Elena but slutty & hot in Katherine. Idk why but she seems special, like not those typical pretty angmo somehow :3)

Hot guys? check !

(Stefan Salvatore which is the one beside Elena in the pict reminds me of Edward from twilight, ermz whitewhite? I never liked Edward anw :/

Damon have the bad boy look & he like to give the cocky max face accompany with that smirk of his that makes people wanna punch his face lol ! (Ok, maybe only me) Part of the charm of his character i guess & oh Damon have blue-ish eyes -winks- The sad thing is he can get any girl but the girl he love aww~

Cool stuffs? Double check !

I think it is fascinating to be living in a world with Vampires, witches, werewolves & whatnots. If given a choice, i wanna be a witch then i'll cast spells on evil people who do me wrong & fuck their life up hehe ^_^ *Daydream*

Vampires lives for eternity & never grow old but need to drink blood to survive .. Never grow old yes but drinking blood for eternity no thanks! Werewolves on the other hand need to go through the scary & torturing transformation every full moon, i'd die i swear !

Maybe they do exist who knows? :B

One hugeass photo of the main cast of The Vampire Diaries that i kope from the web :P

kk, imma go back to my V.D world. Ciaos!

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