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Please take note that i have shifted to blogger

@ rikacheryl.blogspot.com

Sankyuuu ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ



Black hair gyaru


I lovelovelove tsubasa's hair here, been years since i last have black hair not including the awful black roots yah.

The previous time i dyed dark purple-black and i love the colour to death but alas it faded in less than 2 weeks to dark brown and then now it became more of a light brown and my highlights are seeping through even ._.

The black roots have grew obviously and in rl it is not obvious but when took with flash is like YOU MAD?


Left: V shape Right: Fat V  fml ):

Everytime i smile like this my face sure explode & my cheeks really need to mantain abit uh ...

 I look like i have 2 XL fishballs in my cheeks #OkCan !

Some updates on my life;

- Last day of school today = no more Rjs for months YAY! = UT3 coming in one week time BOO !

- Pinky lappy decided to die on me and i'd alrdy send her for servicing ... My 2k ++ of photos inside are gone because i didn't back up. I mean seriously who will go and back up in the first place right not?! ):

- Send bby's lappy for configuring today, The essay that i did ytd was erased so i did 3 essays in total nice  _|_

- Missing my boyfriend truckloads because both of us are like so effing busy with studies and work *sighs*

Thankyou for reading, goodnight to y'all ^o^

P.s:  I'm going black baby ~! <3





How's your chinese new year? Hope you've enjoyed cause i certainly don't :/

Random; Chocolate looking like an old mother hen warming the eggs no? :B

This is my chu yi outfit.

Don't know why this year bo feel so a dress will do~ It is the exact one below just that mine is with white sleeves & collar :)

Kope this from stylebandits website*

i actually ordered this from gmarket way before CNY cause i find it kinda cute with the skater-like bottom + peterpan collars & of cause the price tag which is minus $7 from the price you see here C:

Don't judge hor !

wearing expensive clothings but look like shyt = still shitty

wearing cheap clothes but look like a million bucks = one billion bucks lol ok just kidding, look decent jiu hao ^o^

By the time i did my last shopping spree @ bugis street, this freaking dress is everywhere with a price tag of $15 but with more colours available okay cannnnnz -_-

CNY nails

Yeah i said i wanted to create silver blingbling nails in my previous entry but after raiding entire bugis junction that day, i couldn't find any shop that sell glittery silver nail polish .... you kid me not ?!

So in the end have to settle for this skinfood's $7.40 gold glittery nail polish. The most expensive nail polish i own till date, i was so despo that time i'd buy any silver glittery nail polish even if it's priced the equivalent of OPI sum pa :/

was served by a friendly transvestite and she have huge hands like a guy (obviously duh) which is beside the point but just to emphasize that I very open one, transvestite lesbians gays i welcome you all with open arms lolol

Back to my nails~

Simple, classic & effing easy to accomplish. Why bother going to a nail palour & spend 50 over bucks when our nails are going to get chipped & turn fugly in the end? heh

All you need is a gold glittery nail polish, clear base nail polish & a steady hand ^o^

CNY Hello Panda Pack

Me love strawberry & Vanilla flavour <3

It's time for the pet corner now :P

♥ Nicky

Can I have a pure white Pomeranian in future too? ^^

♥ Pixe the naughty rascal

She grew bigger sized already but still as hyper active as ever ^^

♥ Chocolate

Jump into the box & act cute

Chocolate look like a tikopeh bioing other chiobu cats here, look at his huge eyes hehe !

To sum it all up, i only celebrated chu yi cause i don't have many relatives & my angbao money this year is damn pathetic i shall not elaborate -.-

Close relative who give $4 angbao .............. really is ok can ttm.

I'm not being gek gao or what, they are not like the grandparents of the girl who get stomp because she complain about the $2 angbao she receive. Her grandparents are obviously old & have no means of income she still can complain in fb really is backside itchy waiting for people to stomp her . My situation is that they are not old & are earning money & they give the same as people who are not close for example my mother's godfather's godson or something. You say qi cham or not :/

I need moolahs to buy my galazy s2 y'know, pok gai liao T^T

Time for bed, Goodnight peepos <3

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